10 days to campaign kick off!

By Rachel H Roy

The local election campaign period kicks off in 10 days on September 22. I looked at the number of third parts election advertising sponsors registered as of today’s date and was surprised to see only 14 organizations registered. There are over 240 local elections taking place this fall!

If your organization plans to engage in public advertising directly or indirectly related to municipal election campaigns during the period of September 22 to October 20, you must register with Elections BC first.

Registration forms can be found here and you’ll need to have a lawyer witness your signature on these.

A quick reminder that under the new local election rules, organizations are not permitted to make direct or indirect contributions to candidates or elector organizations. If you want to spend money to sway the vote in your city for or against a candidate or issue, you have to do so as a third party advertising sponsor.

After you register with Elections BC, you must ensure that your organization’s election advertising contains an authorization line, that you stay within the spending limits (which are quite low if you are naming a candidate), and that disclosure reports are filed with Elections BC in a timely manner.

More information can be found in Elections BC’s third party election advertising sponsor guide. We are always available to help if you have questions. Happy campaigning!

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.