Can my boss monitor my online activity?

When was the last time you went offline…truly offline? I’m talking about actually turning off your phones, computers, tablets, laptops, Fitbits, Apple Watches, or any of the many other ways we connect electronically. 

Now, do you ever use work devices for personal reasons? Do you occasionally check Facebook, plan your next vacation, maybe do a bit of banking or search Cuteoverload for stress-relieving kitten GIF’s? (No judgement.) 

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B.C. government off-side in changing the rules for amateur athletes?

As of three days ago, the Employment Standards Act no longer applies to players, entitled to scholarships, who play on major junior ice hockey teams in British Columbia. The Employment Standards Act contains protective provisions that set out minimum wages, maximum hours of work, overtime eligibility and so on.

Interestingly, there are currently two class action lawsuits pending in Alberta and Quebec against the Canadian Hockey League and its teams on  behalf of junior players alleging that the League conspired to force young players into signing contracts that breached minimum wage laws.

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Damages for Injury to Dignity in Human Rights Cases

Clients thinking about filing a human rights complaint, or on the receiving end of one, generally want the answer to that one, bottom-line question: how much is this claim worth? How much am I going to get, or going to have to pay? 

When the claim deals with specific losses like wages or medical costs, that number can be calculated. But nearly every claim also includes a component of damages for "injury to dignity, feelings and self respect or any of them". That's a very different question: how much are hurt feelings worth?

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